Yimkin | Chassis List 


The following is a list of different Yimkin chassis designs. They are not in any chronological order and do not represent an attempt to convey the provenance of any particular car. It is just a list of the different cars know to have independently existed.

Chassis No.1

Is the first MK3 Yimkin Designed by Don Sim of which 6 were built. All were different in design and WXH 280 was Don Sim's own car and stands out as having a frame made from a series of hoops.

Chassis No.2 


Was owned by Yimkin and as the works Sports Racing Car XYN 160 was raced extensively and successfully by John Parkinson. The design of this frame has straight side tubes and unlike the Formula Junior cars it does not have a drivers hoop which is described as an option in the price list here.

It's not clear from the photo of a Yimkin chassis in Sports Car & Lotus Owner from 1960 if this car is also XYN 160 as at this time the car would already have been completed. Interestingly the chassis is not complete and does not have any front suspension mounts and is also the closest in design to my own chassis. Listed as No.6.    


Chassis No.3 


Is the Clive Pusey Formula Junior Racing Car that was raced in the UK before being shipped to Rhodesia where it was subsequently raced by Gordon Littleford and Peter Huson. It is of a similar design to the Sports Racing Car but also has a drivers hoop and is thought to have remained abroad.

Chassis No.4


Is the car bought by my father as a wreck in 1977 before being used as a hill climb car. Later the car was restored and raced by Edd Glaister and then from the Motor Museum in Monza went on to be owned by Allesandro Ripamonte who raced the car at Goodwood. It differs from the earlier cars in that it has square section chassis tubes along the top rail.

Chassis No.5 


Is likely to have been the last of the designs and features straight tubes throughout as well modification to allow side entry rather than in through to top. This chassis was exhibited at the Racing Car Show in 1961.

Chassis No.6


Is my own car and is reported to have hung from the ceiling at the Yimkin works from 1961. So will have been modified in or around this time. Ignoring the alterations the original chassis is made from round section tube, has no signs of having had a drivers hoop or front suspension mounts. My photo was taken there in 1963.The chassis remains in the same condition today. 

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