Yimkin chassis discovered after 54 years of hibernation

Yimkin Formula Junior chassis

Undiscovered for 54 years this Yimkin MK3 Chassis 'No.7' was reported to have hung from the rafters at the Yimkin garage in Cadogan Lane, London SW1. It then emerged from a barn in Sussex in 2015. The following images show a side by side comparison of a Yimkin MK3 chassis featured in a period edition of the book 'Special Builder' and the recently discovered chassis.

During Don Sim's tenure at Yimkin, 6 MK3 chassis are reported to have been constructed with a 7th prototype being developed by Yimkin after his departure. The comparison made here shows chassis No. 7 to be a direct match to a MK3 Yimkin in the front two bulkheads, the floorpan and across the back axle line with severel tubes also chopped and relocated to create a new wider cockpit.

Detailed inspection of this chassis and confirmation that a 7th chassis was developed by Yimkin at Cadogan Lane suggests that this is a prototype or perhaps even a basic mock up for a new car.

Most likley provenance:

  • Yimkin MK3 chassis No. 7

  • Developed in 1961 by Yimkin after Don Sim's departure

  • Modified to create a two seater design with enclosed rear wheels

  • Built on a complete MK3 Yimking chassis that was later chopped and modified

Yimkin chassis designed by Don Sim
Yimkin chassis designed by Don Sim

The photo above was taken to enable a side by side comparison of the two chassis. Plate 5 has been scanned from the pages of 'Special Builder' and is slightly distorted but when both chassis are overlayed there is a direct match for all the tubes featured below in red.

Yimkin chassis designed by Don Sim
Yimkin chassis designed by Don Sim

When all the original tubes from the MK3 chassis have been highlighted and overlayed in their original position a considerable amount of the original chassis layout can still be seen to exist. Not forgetting that the modified chassis was still produced by Yimkin!