Detailed inspection shows clear signs of modification...

The following sequence of images shows close up shots of some of the modifcations made to the original MK3 Yimkin chassis. Note how the suspension is missing from the front hoop and where the top has been chopped off to create a lower frontal area. Similarily the top tube from the second bulkhead has been partially removed, presumably to create space for a larger engine, with the top of the original right hand tube being capped off almost flush with the chassis rail. Very odd.

Look closely at the rear of the modified chassis and you can actually see where the cross bracing from the original MK3 chassis has been chopped out too. Also where the existing stubs from these tubes still remain!The mounting for the pedal box itself remains largely as it was on the original with the addition of a new piece of bracing that extends backwards. Note the exact match of this section of the chassis with the Yimkin MK3. In this shot it is very clear.

The last shot shows the clearest signs of modification with tubes being chopped to enable the creation of a wider bulkhead. Nobody would create a new chassis like this from scratch, therefore showing clearly that this is a modified MK3 Yimkin chassis.

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