Yimkin chassis begins to give up secrets

I managed to get some more time in the garage looking at the Yimkin chassis with some fascinating discoveries. On closer inspection it looks as though several tubes have also been chopped from the original MK3 chassis then relocated to create the new wider cockpit design.

Tubes in the centre bulkhead, the rear of the chassis and the safety hoop have all been chopped and then welded back in. Some of the modifcations are a 'mish mash' of the existing chassis tubes with new pieces welded in to create the prototype. It also has to be said the work isn't that great. Take a look... what do you think?

The final side by side comparison in this sequence shows all the original chassis tubes that still remain from the origial MK3 chassis and where they are currently located on the MK3 No.7 chassis. As you can see a considerable amount of the original chassis still remains, making the restortation back to original MK3 specification a real possibility.

2019 YIMKIN Formula Junior restoration blog