News from Ben Cowdrey of Formula Junior 1958 - 2008 fame.

Some great news from Ben Cowdrey who has been in touch following the FJHRA facebook post. As you'll see from the shots below the Yimkin features in his book dedicated to Formula Junior and I'm delighted that it's the Ed Glaister car that used to be owned by may father and was Yimkin chassis No.6. What a beautifully presented car it is.

Ed Glaister Yimkin

Ben's Formula Junior book is now out of print but gets a great write up so if you do come across a copy and think you could part with it please do get in touch. Prices are now quite high so it must be a very good read! Below is a copy of the Yimkin page also kindly shared by Ben. Please do respect the copywright on these images and get in touch with Ben before sharing.

Ben Cowdrey Formula Junior Racing Cars remembered
Ben Cowdrey Formula Junior Racing Cars remembered

Digging through his personal archive Ben has also unearthed a couple of great period shots for the history section of this site. Both shots are from Goodwood. The first being of Clive Puzey and the second is of John Parkinson. Of the six Yimkin's that cared only two stayed in the UK which suggests one of these could also be my father / Ed Glaisters car.

Take a close look at the bodywork of Clive's Yimkin. Just to be clear it's Car 32. Quite different to the design of the John Parkinson car but effectively from the same period. Where are these cars now? If you're one of the current owners please do get in touch...

Clive Puzey Yimkin
John Parkinson Yimkin

Post Script.

DRW marque historian Roger Lund has been in touch to report an error on the part of Autosport. It would appear the leading car is not Paul Kelly in the Longbacon, but Jack Murrell in the mk2 DRW. Can anyone conform or does anyone have any photos of the DRW from this race?