Dad's car. Up for sale?

Well. You wait 25 years and then it finally shows up. Currently for sale care of the Repetto Legend Garage in Italy is my fathers old car. This is the advert fresh from the Car & Classic website and it looks the money. A bit too much money for me at the moment but hopefully the new owner will help with some details for my chassis restoration. Please do get in touch.

Enjoy the advert and the photos!

YIMKIN Formula Junior - 1960 Front Engine Frame Y.F.J.2 (rare specimen produced only 6) Ideal to participate G.P. Monaco Historique 2016 with a model of F.J. very rare and powerful. Car completely restored in 1982, but still in fantastic condition. Engine Ford 105 E Holbay - 100 HP with one hour of work since the last revision. Chassis with high-performance road holding exceptional.

IMPORTANT: A unique feature of this car is that it is also approved as a "SPORT 1100 Barquette". (1 hour's work mounting the 4 fenders and headlights, all attached with the car, and become a Barquette SPORT !!). Full of many documents and testimonies relating to car. Very rarely they are racing cars accompanied by an unexceptionable documentation as in this case. - Historic Vehicle Identity Form 1983 signed by Alan Patt (authorities recognized by RAC as authorized expert of Formula Junior) - Letter signed builder Don SIM sent to Ed Glaister - History of all previous owners. - Documents of the manufacturer with price lists, catalogs, brochures, photocopies magazines and newspapers of 'era regarding this model of car. - He participated and won in 1984 the championship "Formula Junior Lenham STORAGE CHAMPIONSHIP conducted by Ed Glaister. - Imported in Italy in 1985 by Guido Romani, which has participated successfully in various championship races Italian classic cars until 1989. - Purchased in the early 90s by the famous Italian collector Alessandro Ripamonti who participated in (official invitation) at Goodwood Revival 2006

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