XYN160 Period Photo

Yimkin Formula Junior

Guess what popped up on e-bay? This period photo is of Yimkin registration No. XYN 160. On the back of the photo is a note saying 'Yimkin Special 1960 8 Clubs Silverstone' and 'COPYRIGHT John Day 74 Moordown SE1'.

Looking back through my previous blog entries this looks like the same car wearing No.60 at Goodwood in the same year and driven by C.J.Parkinson. You can see the grainy Goodwood photo here.

The C.J.Parkinson photo is care of Ben Cowdrey who was at the Goodwood race in 1960 and saw the Yimkin win after a 5 lap race. Interestingly the car is actually painted red. Which doesn't show here but is a far cry from the bare aluminium shown in most current shots.

Please feel free to download a copy of the Silverstone photo here.