Odd chassis feature comes to light...

After dragging the Yimkin chassis back down from the loft [to take the side by side photos from my last blog entry] my eye was caught by a couple of features I'd previously missed.

If you look at the photos below you'll see that the original rear cross member has clearly had it's cross bracing chopped off. What I'd not seen was that on the back of this tube were also two small tabs which look very similar to those originally used to mount the body panels.

Only time will tell what these tabs were used to attach and I guess I'll have to wait until I managed to explore one of the other chassis. But closer inspection did get me thinking ...

If you look at the original chassis the roll over hoop clearly terminates on the top of the rear cross member. If you accept that the stubs from the cross bracing identify the original location of this tube, then there should also be a welding scab or stub where the hoop has been chopped off but the tube is clean.

Were these tabs used to mount the rear bodywork?

Was there ever a roll over hoop fitted to this chassis?