More amazing photos from the Yimkin Works in 1963

More evocative photos of XYN160 from the Yimkin works in Cadogan Lane. All kindly shared from the same batch of Kodak slides that have lain dormant for over 50 years. It's hard to imagine that such a discovery is possible but I'm assured that the Yimkin chassis featured in this blog was also a stable mate of the XYN160 Yimkin picture here.

So somewhere in the shadows behind those garage doors is my Yimkin chassis propped up on trestle tables. But that's another story. For this post let’s just enjoy the patina of an old Formula Junior and the 'back street' in Chelsea that’s gone from Garagista to "Fashionista'. I should know .. I used to live round the corner on the Kings Road but don’t hold that against me.

Many thanks again to the submissions to this blog, for sharing these amazing photos and breathing some life into this project. All incredible resource for anyone wanting to put a Yimkin back to standard trim.