Yimkin Prototype | Performance Review

Yimkin Prototype

Many thanks to Alastair Brown from the Pentland Classics group on Facebook for sharing this 1959 Performance Review from an edition of Sporting Motorist. The article covers the Yimkin prototype WXH 280 which is clearly very different from the subsequent chassis.

Note that all three main bulkhead sections are created from complete hoops and that the side rails have also bean eased outwards to create room for the driver. Similarly the rear suspension mounts are of a different design.

Some great features to help along the rebuild of my chassis too, including the radiator design, mounting lugs on the chassis and the mounting brackets. Critically this article also discounts WXH 280 as either my fathers previous car or the modified chassis.

You can download a copy of the full article by clicking on the image or by downloading here.