At home with C.J. Parkinson

After getting in touch and swapping notes with John Parkinson over email I was delighted to be able to take a day off work and pay John and his Partner Lesley a visit to make introductions and talk a little about John's racing days in his Yimkin XYN160.

In both the racing shots that follow John is featured at the 43rd Members Meeting at Goodwood, held on September 10th 1960. XYN160 is wearing No. 47 and John was placed 3rd over 5 laps coming in behind 2nd JVR van Niekerk in a GSM Delta and 1st J.A. Murrel in a DRW FORD.

One amazing bit of news is that XYN160 was never actually road registered and that when occasion required, the tax disc was swapped over from John's road car [which shared the same registration] to gain access to some events. Perfect!

The amount of silverware that had been amassed over a couple of years competitive racing and which still adorns his library shelves today was needless to say impressive.

From the group shot that follows:


BARC - Firle Hill Climb - May - Class Win [Trophy]

BARC - Goodwood - 7th May - 1st [Trophy]

BARC - Oulton Park - 27th August [Plaque on right]

BARC - Oulton Park - 27th August - 1st [Trophy]

BARC - Goodwood - 10th September - 3rd [Plaque on left]

Thames Estuary Automobile Club - Sprint Class Award [Ashtray]

Thames Estuary Automobile Club - Forgot to photo this one! [Tankard]


BARC - Goodwood - 6th May - 2nd [Cigar Case]

John also shared this December 1960 copy of Sports Car and Lotus Owner which featured his Yimkin and a great shot of the chassis in development.

So my heartfelt thanks to John and Lesley for their kind hospitality and for sharing their time with me. What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

C.J.Parkinson Yimkin
C.J.Parkinson Yimkin Trophies
C.J.Parkinson Yimkin Goodwood 43rd Members Meeting
C.J.Parkinson Yimkin Goodwood 43rd Members Meeting