Yimkin Sports Can and Lotus Owner
Yimkin Sports Can and Lotus Owner
Yimkin Chassis

One of the items shared by John Parkinson on my recent visit was a clipping from the December 1960 edition of SPORTS CAR AND LOTUS OWNER. As well as giving more background on the Yimkin story the article also highlighted one key feature which I’d overlooked. The chassis featured in this article and the photos of XYN160 in this blog show a chassis with no drivers hoop.

Going back through this blog there are three distinct chassis designs. The original prototype, the chassis featured in special builder (with a driver’s hoop) and the chassis featured here. Not including my own chassis. Which would make four designs. Given that there were only six Yimkin cars attributed to Don Sim this should help narrow the field considerably when identifying each individual car. Hopefully something for a later blog entry.

The SPORTS CAR AND LOTUS DRIVER article also ends with an intriguing paragraph suggesting that a Yimkin was in development as late as December 1960 and intended for racing the following seasons (in 1961). Given that my own chassis has been placed at the Yimkin works during 1961 the temptation to link the two cars is obvious.

“The 1960s works car is now being disposed of and work is under way for a new car which will be entered by the works but possibly in another class. What form the new car will take has not been revealed but judging by the success of the current model it should provide some interesting competition next season. The original design was christened Yimkin which means maybe in Arabic. Maybe a change of name is intended?”

Looking at the article in more detail it is also interesting to see that the chassis could be extended by up to four inches. Also that when compared to my own chassis it is clear that the rear beam still remains intact and that the angled channel running transversely across the back of the car has now been chopped and used longitudinally. Presumably these channels would have been used to mount that petrol tank and battery,

One tantalizing thought to end this blog entry on is that on closer inspection there are no signs of an original drivers hoop on my chassis. The beam where it should be located still has the stubs for the chassis cross bracing but no sign of any drivers hoop. Maybe this was an early chassis (or chassis design) that has been modified?