It’s not the winning | Yimkin at Birkett 1960

It’s not the winning | Yimkin at Birkett 1960 Last week the 750 Club released a period video of the 10th 6 Hour National Handicap Race at Silverstone. The event was a free relay system where each team conveys a token sash around a 1.6 mile circuit. Team managers could dispatch cars in any order, for any period and any number of times. Offering drivers the chance for long distance racing without exhausting their vehicles and the managers plenty of scope for strategy and tactics. Don Sim features racing as part of the Mogador Mixture team and what looks like XYN160 at 2:30 mins and 17:04 mins. There’s a great shot of the dash layout and also the top of the front wishbone setup from the Standard 10. You can watch the video from the 750 club here.