Racing Car Show | 1961

In my previous post here about the Yimkin article in the 1960 edition of Lotus & Sports Car Owner, the piece ends with a tantalizing paragraph suggesting that a new Yimkin car was being planned for the 1961 racing season.

“The 1960s works car is now being disposed of and work is under way for a new car which will be entered by the works but possibly in another class. What form the new car will take has not been revealed but judging by the success of the current model it should provide some interesting competition next season. The original design was christened Yimkin which means maybe in Arabic. Maybe a change of name is intended?”

Digging into the Racing Car Show brochure for 1961 it appears that Yimkin were there in full force and also that they were exhibiting a new chassis which appears to follow the same philosophy outlined in the Lotus & Sports Car Owner article. After a full breakdown of the intended specification the brochure ends with another tantalizing invitation.

"The frame shown is for an entirely new project details of which are available on the stand or on application."

Given that my own chassis is recorded as being at Yimkin between 1961 and 1963 with a photo outside the works, it is tempting to make a direct link. It is certainly proof that there was an additional Yimkin created after Don Sim left the company and that at least one extra car should be 'out there'.

Details of the 1961 Racing Car Show are below with a copy of the brochure and the Yimkin entry. There is also an evocative shot of the show from the REVS library here. My next mission is top try to find a photo of Yimkin at stand No 28 and see what was on offer!