Yimkin Corporate Identity | Racing Patch Reissued

A little known gem from 1961 is the revamped Yimkin Engineering Corporate Identity. It was intended to bring a little colour back into the brand and was know to adorn the teams racing suits from 1961 - 1963. Racing patches were hand stitched on felt and have been reissued in a small batch available to Yimkin fans and followers.

Goodwood is always a little competitive when it comes to period dress so last year I treated my father to a patch for his overalls. The patches are a little oversize and the lettering has also been picked out with silver thread (because it was offered for free!) and like the originals they are beautifully hand stitched.

Rest assured if you're seen sporting one of these you will be part of a very small club indeed.

Yimkin Engineering Racing Patch
Yimkin Engineering Logo