Racing Car Show | The Yimkin years

1960 Racing Car Show, 1961 Racing Car Show, 1962 Racing Car Show, 1963 Racing Car Show

After taking some time away from hobbies and the Yimkin blog to focus on our new daughter 'Winnie' I thought I'd get back in the saddle and delve into the racing car show brochures as one way to chart Yimkin's trajectory from 1960 - 1963. One nice piece of information I'd missed is that they were originally offered with wire wheels as an option. One for the photo hunters out there!

The inaugural Racing Car Show was held at the Royal Horticultural Old Hall and ran from 2nd - 9th January 1960. With over 20 exhibition stands the visitors were given access to Grand Prix contenders from Cooper, Vanwall, BRM, Lotus and Maserati, plus racing cars from the 1959 Champions from Aston, Lola, Cooper, Terrier, Speedex, Emeryson and Turner. Of the 22 exhibitors Yimkin was on stand No. 8 and billed as specialist tuners for race and rally and manufacturers of the Yimkin sports car.

On show at the Yimkin stand was a stage 3 BMC engine, a stage 3 Ford 105e for Formula Junior use, a selection of modified heads, inlet manifolds and rocker covers, plus a Yimkin Sports Car in chassis form, complete with suspension and steering. Options were B.M.C "A" series, Ford 100E and 750 Climax. Also available as an option at launch were wire wheels.

The 1961 Racing Car Show is detailed in my previous blog post here which gives the most logical provenance for my chassis to date with the Yimkin brochure entry listing it as "...for an entirely new project, details of which are available on the stand or on application". Other cars on show included Formula Juniors from Lotus (exhibited as the 1960 Car of Champions), Elva, Emeryson and Gemini with Cosworth on show and offering the FORD 105e with 85bhp.

Lotus Formula Junior Car of The Champions

By 1961 Don Sim had already left Yimkin and this was to be their last stand at The Racing Car show. Only 12 months later the 1962 brochure has only a advertisement on the back of the first page sending "Good wishes for 1962 but regretting they will not be exhibiting with too much to show in the space available". In 1963 there is no Yimkin entry but Formula Junior cars are still on offer from Merlyn and Lola with the Cosworth FORD 105e engine now being listed at 105bhp.