After recently purchasing a Yimkin sales brochure I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the post along with a separate price list enclosed. Even more so when the gentleman I'd purchased them from let me know he'd originally picked them up from the 1960 Racing Car Show. I can only imagine that although separated by a few years we've probably shared the same schoolboy passion for Yimkin with both the evocative name, styling, garagista pedigree and race results to match. To some the stuff that dreams are made of.

Both the front and back covers are presented below and one of the interesting points I'd either missed or glossed over from the full brochure is that the drivers hoop was only standard equipment on the Formula Junior cars. Although a small point overall it may explain why there are no signs of a drivers hoop on the original cross member of my chassis and may also mean I have to change the title of my blog. Maybe my chassis is from or was originally intended as a Yimkin Sports Racing Car. In which case ... maybe a V5 isn't totally out of the question.

Back in February last year (where does the time go!) I wrote this blog entitled Odd chassis features come to light querying why there were no signs of a drivers hoop and questioning if one had ever been fitted. Maybe now I have the answer. Note that wire wheels and disk brakes were an option on the price list too. Maybe adding them now would be a bit 'blingy'!