A bit of a DIVA

Despite the incredible good fortune of being able to trace my chassis back to the Yimkin factory in 1961, any information that predates this has so far been elusive. It looks most likely that it is an early chassis that was later modified and possibly one that was exhibited at the 1961 Racing Car Show. Overall there were 6 Yimkin chassis made plus the one referenced as being on the Yimkin stand at the Racing Car Show. So in total that would make 7 chassis with the last one being produced after Don Sim left the Company in 1960. Following?

Hopefully all that's clear but one other option to consider is that mine is one of the 6 Yimkin chassis (complete cars BTW) made during Don Sim's time and that one was later stripped and modified. What's more likely; that a spare chassis was just lying around? Or that one of the cars was modified to create a prototype? More importantly, what to do next? Return the chassis back to the original Yimkin design and risk butchering a bit of Racing Car Show history? Or leave it as it is and create some kind of patchwork body to go on top?

Either way, that still leaves the unanswered question of what the chassis was intended for in it's current state...

It's pure supposition but in 1960 there are several references to a new Yimkin chassis in development in the press. Some time during that year Don Sim left the company and went on to design the very successful DIVA GT which essentially shares the same chassis as the Yimkin. One possibility is that back at Yimkin they decided not to be left out and started working on their own spin on a GT car. It's certainly what the modified chassis would suggest.

So with this in mind the temporary solution for the project is to clothe the chassis in a DIVA body and I've been lucky enough to find one that last saw action blasting round the Nurburgring in Germany. What do you think? My initial concern was that I'd made a terrible mistake as I bought it without asking for any dimensions. But putting a few technical issues aside ... it looks like a very good fit to me and the makings of an incredible car. A DIVA bodied Yimkin?

That will do me fine.