1961 Racing Car Show | Parte Terza

It has been well over a year since discovering the reference to a Yimkin chassis at the 1961 Racing Car Show and finally care of David Montgomery from the Fibreglass Specials of the 1950's and 1960's Facebook group - here it is as originally featured in Autosport Italia on January 15th 1961. It's mixed news though as it's quite clearly not my chassis but it is good to add another Yimkin chassis design to the list and close down this line of enquiry.

While this chassis looks similar to previous Yimkins in overall concept, it looks as though all bent tubes have been replaced by straight lines or angles and it also looks as though it's a dedicated two seater designed for side entry. So in this respect it is closer to a Diva GT and certainly more similar in the centre section. Does anyone know what became of this chassis?

As for my own it now looks increasingly likely that mine was an early chassis that has been modified. But which one? If you include my own chassis there are now six different design variants identified and only six cars reported to have been developed. So, if you take this at face value that is now all cars identified - if not accounted for.